Repairing Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems

A vacuum cleaner may be one of the tools that you will use frequently as part of your cleaning routine. A quality vacuum cleaner can be a fairly major investment, and this can lead to you needing to understand the repair steps for some of the problems that are the most likely to be encountered with these particular appliances.

Clogs Deep In The Vacuum

It can be a common occurrence for clogs to form deep within the vacuum cleaner. While clogs near the opening of the hose can be easy to remove on your own, the same may not be true of clogs that are deeper in the system. In fact, much of the vacuum may need to be taken apart in order for these clogs to be removed. Unfortunately, the performance of the vacuum may suffer significantly until these clogs are removed. It is also possible for this clog to increase the strain on the vacuum's mechanical parts, which can lead to a failure being more likely to occur.

Weakening Or Failed Air Pump

Over time, the force of suction that the vacuum is able to generate can start to deteriorate. This will often be the case when the system's primary motor or pump has started to experience major wear. While regular service visits can help to delay this problem, it is a reality that most vacuums will need to have their primary pump replaced at some point. This is a fairly major type of work to have done due to the need to take apart the vacuum as well as the difficulty of properly securing the pump in the system. This may not seem like a difficult process, but the vacuum will generate substantial vibrations that could cause the pump or motor to eventually work its way loose if not done correctly.

Punctures In The Hoses

Punctures in the hoses or other components of the vacuum can be an issue that can cause an immediate decrease in the suction power of the system. When a puncture forms in the components of the vacuum, it can cause the system to be far less effective at removing debris from the floor or other surfaces. Patching these punctures can be difficult as any gaps in the patch will contribute to decreased performance with the vacuum. A professional vacuum cleaner repair service will be able to either completely replace the damaged hose or apply a patch thoroughly and securely. This can be the most effective and easiest solution for restoring your system's performance.

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