How Your Chimney's Brick Can Be Repaired

Do you have a chimney that is covered in white chalky efflorescence and deteriorating mortar? If so, you'll likely need chimney masonry repair in order to fix it. Here is what needs to be done to fix this problem.

Fix The Cause of The Problem

If you have efflorescence around your chimney, it's likely due to moisture that is escaping through the liner and getting into the rear side of your brick. This issue will need to be repaired first because a broken liner will cause moisture to get back into the brick and cause the problem to return. That is the last thing you'll want to happen after taking the time and spending money to repair your chimney's masonry.

Remove The Old Mortar

The old mortar will have to be removed from around the existing brick so that it can be replaced. All of the mortar doesn't need to be removed, because it will cause the brick to fall out. This part of the job can be done by manually chiseling out the mortar about an inch into the brick. It can be done by using a chisel and a hammer, but that can take some time to do. The mortar can also be removed using an angle grinder, which will remove the mortar quickly and easily. 

Mix The New Mortar

The first step will be mixing the mortar and getting the color to match the existing mortar on your home. If the mortar is not the right color, it will cause it to stick out on your home in a bad way. You'll immediately be able to see where the old mortar is located and where the new mortar was inserted. 

Replace The Old Mortar

The process of replacing the old mortar will be the hardest part of the job because of how it is a completely manual process. There is no easy way to do it since new mortar needs to be inserted into all of the joints where the mortar is now missing. A trowel will need to be used to insert the mortar deep into the joints so that it is completely filled. Excess mortar will need to be removed so that the mortar is not sticking out past the brick. 

Does this seem like a job that is too hard to do on your own? Reach out to a chimney masonry repair specialist to help do this job for you. 

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