Pro Tips for Repairing Damaged Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops used to be really popular a few years ago. They're still used in part by some to replicate really expensive countertop materials. They can face problems over the years, but you'll be just fine using a couple of pro repair tips.

Camouflage Minor Problems

There are a couple of minor problems for laminate countertops that don't require extravagant restoration efforts. Such is the case for small scratches. Rather than trying to sand away at these scratches and potentially doing damage to surrounding areas, you can just camouflage them so that they're not as visible.

There are cover-up markers intended for laminate countertops in particular that will do a good job at hiding small scratches. You just need to find a marker that matches the color and style of your laminate countertops and then you can drastically reduce the appearance of minor scratches.

Use Strong Chemicals to Remove Stains

If you have older laminate countertops, it's pretty common for stains to be present. A previous homeowner may have accidentally spilled things on the surface and then didn't properly treat them. That's okay because you can use strong chemicals to remove them. 

Common nail polish is one of the most effective treatments for stains that have developed on laminate countertops over time. You can apply some with a rag, let it sit over the stain for several minutes, and then go back in with a clean towel or rag. That should do the trick even for the tougher stains.

Consider Adding New Paint

There may not be a lot of structural issues with your laminate countertops. It's just they may look a little dated and worn down. In this case, giving them some new paint may do the trick at restoring them in a cost-effective way.

You have limitless paint options that actually aren't that difficult to apply to older laminate countertops. You'll just need to clean them, repair major problems like large cracks, and mark off areas with tape to avoid getting paint on other surfaces. Then your countertops will look new in no time.

Laminate countertops are affordable and have a lot of varying styles. If your home has them and they are potentially a little banged up, don't worry. There are all sorts of repair tricks you can use to give them better visuals and added protection. Just keep working with this countertop material until you're satisfied. For more information about countertop repair tips, contact a local restoration company near you.

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