5 Styles Of Front Doors

Your front door is designed to be a statement maker; it is what people see when they pull up to your home. That is why you want to ensure that it makes a statement to people who come up to your home. You also want to ensure that it functions well and provides you with proper protection.

1. Glass

If you want to let in a lot of natural light, go with a glass front door. With glass, you get to enjoy lots of natural light and a nice view. Using this material means you will want to install double or triple-pane glass, which is thicker and provides more insulation. Double- or triple-pane glass will also keep you safer. An all-glass style can make a bold statement.

2. Glass Panel

If you don't want to go for a full glass door, go with one that has a glass panel. This is a popular option, as it allows for some natural light to come in but also helps to protect your privacy.

There is a wide range of glass panel styles, depending on how much light and privacy you are looking for. For example, there could be a glass pane just across the top, or it could take up half the door. You can also choose different glass styles, such as frosted or decorative glass if you want a little more privacy.

3. Speakeasy Door

If you are looking for something fun, you may want a speakeasy door. This style of door has a window at eye level that is covered up with a small piece of wood or metal that you can open up to see outside. It is a retro style that can add a little bit of fun to the front of your home.

4. Double-Style

If you have a lot of room, you may want to consider a double door. They require more space than a traditional setup. However, they can also make a really big statement. They can lend an air of elegance and classiness to the front of your home. They can also make it easier to move big items in and out of your home, as you have more space.

5. Solid Wood 

An additional option is a classic solid wood door. Solid wood acts as a great insulator, so it is an excellent option if you want to cut down on energy loss. With solid wood, you can go with a natural look, or you can paint it. You can also go with a simple flat style or one that is carved and has a little more elegance to it. However, solid wood doors tend to be more expensive, and you will have to work to keep the door sealed to prevent rotting and warping.

When it comes to your front door, you want to make a statement, and you can do that with a wide range of different door styles. The key is to pick one that you will enjoy looking at each time you pull up to your home. To learn more, contact a door installation company. 

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