Dealing With Water Damage In Your Home Or Business

Water damage is a huge issue inside any building and can cause many problems in the long run if it is not dealt with correctly. It is important that water damage restoration starts quickly to reduce the amount of damage the building sustains and to ensure it is safe for people to enter.

Drying Out The Building

When water damage occurs inside your building, the priority should be to dry the building out as quickly as possible. The water damage restoration company will use large fans and vacuums to remove the water and dry out the carpets, floors, and other areas that have been affected by the water. 

The drying process should include the basement if you have one, or a crawl space under the building. Water left in those areas can create the perfect conditions for mold growth and make the home or office unsafe for people that need to be in the space.

Once the water has been removed, the water damage restoration company should inspect the entire affected area, looking for water damage to wood, sheetrock, carpets, and flooring, along with mold and mildew forming in areas that will need removing and treatment with fungicides to stop the mold from returning. 

In cases of major flooding, the cleanup can also involve removing dirt, silt, or sand from the floors and other areas inside the structure. Deodorizing and sanitizing may also be required, so check with the water damage restoration company you are working with to see if they will handle that or can recommend a service in the area.

Making Repairs

Some water damage restoration companies offer repair services as well. Many times these repairs are done through partnerships with contractors, plumbers, and other tradespeople in the local area. These partner companies are typically called by the restoration company and are quick to respond to your home or office to assess the damage and start the repairs right away.

If the damage is the result of a water leak inside the structure, a plumber will need to make repairs before the water can be turned back on in the building. It is important that they respond right away. Often finding an emergency plumber can be challenging, so having the restoration company send one out can be extremely beneficial. 

Water damage restoration services often become the point of contact and will oversee the entire project for you. Having this kind of help can help reduce the stress of the situation, and it is often faster and more affordable in the long run. 

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