4 Signs You Need A Tile Grout Cleaning Service

Have you installed tile floors in your home, but you don't want to spend countless hours learning how to remove stains and filth on the tile grout? Fortunately, tile grout cleaning services save you time and strain to keep your tiles sparkling. It makes sense to avoid trial and error, and seasoned tile grout cleaners do the scrubbing on your behalf.

Installing tiles in moisture-prone areas like the restroom and kitchen requires you to inspect for signs of mold and discoloration. When you notice dark blotches on the grout, it signals the presence of bacteria and mildew. Attempting to scrub using generic cleaning solutions might not yield the results you want, and you must enlist professional help. 

Here are signs you need a tile grout cleaning service.

1. Stained Discolored Grout

Stains and discolored grout lines are an eyesore. They signal the presence of bacteria, mold, and mildew. If you notice black or dark green stains, you must call a tile grout cleaning service immediately. Mold can spread from your kitchen tiles to the rest of your home in record time. The moist conditions in the bathroom or kitchen can cause your grout to deteriorate and devalue your decor. If you realize the grout is discolored, don't attempt to clean using second-rated solutions or detergents. The ideal solution is to engage a reliable grout cleaning service to sanitize and seal the grout lines for a lasting sparkle.

2. Poor Sealing

After the tile installer completes the project, you must insist on proper sealing after the grout dries up. Sealing ensures that the cured grout doesn't attract and absorb water or stain-causing substances. If your installer fails to seal the grout lines, it causes staining and ugly blotches. Even if the installer seals the grout, you must request regular sealing to safeguard the integrity of your tile floors and the gleam on the grout.

3. Tile in High-Moisture Areas

Tiles in the shower kitchen or the swimming pool deck get exposed to extreme moisture levels. Indeed, the grout around such tiles takes significant abuse from dripping and splashing water. If the grout displays staining and signs of mold, it could pose health risks and deface the look on your tile surfaces. Even though pressure washing can clean the tiles, you must engage a tile grout cleaning service to reinstate the exquisite look on the grout.

4. You Can't Remember The Last Grout Cleaning

Even if your grout looks squeaky clean years down the line, it has handled copious amounts of dirt and germs. If you don't remember the last time you engaged a tile grout cleaning service, you must schedule a cleaning exercise immediately. An annual tile grout cleaning procedure keeps your home germ-free while extending the life of your tiles.

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