Most Popular House Siding Materials

Home siding can increase the curb appeal and increase the energy efficiency of your home. However, choosing a suitable home siding material requires that you understand the various siding options available. Here are the different house siding materials to consider.


Vinyl house siding is a popular option since the material is highly versatile. Vinyl comes in various forms, including shingles, vertical panels, horizontal panels, and beaded designs. Also, vinyl siding comes in various colors and finishes. For instance, you can find vinyl siding that resembles natural siding materials like stone.

Additionally, vinyl is low-maintenance and doesn't require regular painting. Maintenance mainly entails washing the siding to remove dust or dirt. Moreover, vinyl has a long lifespan. However, vinyl can rot when water penetrates the siding due to poor house siding panel installation. Also, the vinyl may warp due to extreme temperatures. Hence, you need to install the siding correctly and perform repairs when damage occurs.


Wood is a conventional siding material that many owners prefer due to its natural look. Additionally, wood is versatile, and you can access various wood siding styles, such as composite, log, vertical board, and drop siding. Wood siding is easy to install, which means low installation costs.

However, wood is prone to physical and weather damage. For instance, wood may break upon impact by falling objects. Wood siding may also rot due to excess moisture, and it is also susceptible to termite attack. Hence, you need to repair the wood frequently and treat the wood with insecticides to preserve the siding. This increases the maintenance costs of wood siding.


Metal house siding is an excellent choice since metal is durable and can outlast most siding materials. Metal is rot-resistant, fire-resistant, and mold-resistant and doesn't fade quickly. The material is also not prone to insect attacks like wood. Additionally, you can repaint metal siding whenever you want to improve aesthetics.

Further, metal has heat reflection characteristics that help keep your house cool. This increases the energy efficiency of your home and consequently saves on energy expenses. However, metal siding is prone to corrosion which can lower your home's appeal. Thus, you need to choose galvanized metal siding and repaint the metal frequently to prevent rusting.

The popular house siding materials include vinyl, wood, and metal. Consider these siding options for your home if you want attractive, functional, and durable siding for your home. Contact a siding provider in your area, such as All Pro Exteriors, for more information.

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