What Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage And Drywall

Water damage can happen to anyone. Whether it is from a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane, or from a busted water pipe in the home, the damage must be dealt with right away.

The time it takes to repair water damage depends on how bad the damage is and where the damage is located. So, how do you know if your walls are water damaged? What steps do you take for the damaged drywall? Here are some helpful answers to common wall water damage questions.

How Quickly Does Water Damage Walls?

Water damage happens fairly quickly. You may notice signs of water damage within 24 hours after exposure to water. However, damage begins immediately when water soaks into porous surfaces.

Water damage left untreated continues to spread, so it's vital to take action right away to clean up areas exposed to water.

What Are The Signs Of Water Damage To Walls?

One of the first signs of water damage on walls is discoloration or stains on the walls. The paint in the stained areas often begins to bubble, peel, or flake.

As water damage worsens, walls warp and mold and mildew grow. You may notice a musty, damp odor in the room. It's best to catch the damage early to avoid mold growth, which may also require mold remediation.

What About The Drywall?

If you act quickly, you can avoid replacing drywall. When caught early, you can dry out your walls and save yourself a lot of work.

Saving drywall is dependent on a few factors:

  • How much water was involved
  • How quickly you act
  • How quickly the drywall dries out

Once the water has seeped into the drywall fibers, you'll need to replace it before the wall collapses and/or mold grows.

If water damage occurred due to a flood, you'll most likely have to replace the drywall. This is true for a few reasons.

  • A lot more water is involved in flooding
  • It's more difficult to dry the walls quickly
  • Flood water often contains contaminants, like sewage

If you're unsure about the extent of damage, contact a local contractor specializing in water damage cleanup to answer your questions.

Saving your walls from water damage is doable in many situations when addressed immediately, but there are instances where the damage is too extensive. If you need help with water damage, it's best to call water damage cleanup contractors. They can quickly assess the situation and offer solutions.

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