Beyond Cracks: Other Signs Your Foundation Needs Attention

Most homeowners are aware that if they see a crack in their foundation, that foundation should be repaired. But cracks are far from the only sign of foundation damage. In many homes, the entire foundation is not visible. There are parts that you cannot see, at least not clearly. If those parts were to crack, you would not necessarily see the cracks. So, it is a good idea to be on the lookout for other signs that your foundation is in trouble, too. Here are those signs. 

Your floor is crooked.

Sometimes a foundation starts sinking on one side. The ground beneath this side of the foundation may not be sturdy or strong enough, and it could be collapsing under the foundation or eroding beneath it. To tell whether your floors are crooked, put a marble in the middle of a hard floor. Watch which way it rolls. Repeat this several times. If the marble always runs in the same direction, this points to an issue with your foundation. The side that the marble is running to is likely the side that's sinking in.

Cracks in the interior walls.

Take a look at the walls in your living room, bedrooms, dining room, and other main rooms. Do you see any cracks in these walls? You might see them along the creases where the ceiling meets the walls, or in corners where two walls meet. These cracks are signs that your foundation is shifting, putting more strain on one side of the wall than the other and causing it to crack.

Crooked doorframes.

Take a look at your doorframes. Do they look even, or do some of them look like one side is sagging lower than the other? Close the door, and look at the gap at the top of the door between the door and the frame. If this gap is wider on one side of the door than the other, then this is a sign that the door is not sitting evenly within the frame. That could be due to a foundation shift. You may notice something similar with your windows, especially if they are casement windows.

Some foundations last hundreds of years without problems, and others develop problems within decades. Regardless of your home's age, keep an eye on it for signs of foundation trouble. Call a foundation repair service near you if you notice the signs above.  

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